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Choose Child Care

Please find below some resources to help you choose the care that best meeds the needs of  your child and family.

Ministry of Education Child Care Information - This is the main page for parents seeking information on child care in Ontario from the Government of Ontario.

Early Learning for Every Child Today (Elect)Early Learning for Every Child Today: A Framework for Ontario Early Childhood Settings describes how young children learn and develop, and provides a guide for curriculum in Ontario’s early childhood settings.

City of Ottawa Daycare Information - The City of Ottawa provides information on options, fee assistance, daycare centres, etc. in Ottawa.

Checklist for Interviews - The CCPRN has prepared a checklist to help parents make an informed choice of the best care to meets the needs of their child and family.

Home Daycare: An Overview - The Baby Centre provides an overview of home daycare, with pros and cons, what the experts think, signs of a good home daycare and more.

What To Look For in a Child Care Program - The National Association for the Education of Young Children provides resources for families, including what to look for in a program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.   The Association also descibes ten standards for quality child care.  

Handle with Care - The Canadian Mental Health Association provides a booklet to better understand how child care centres can better support children's social and emotional development.  It may be of assistance when considering a centre or daycare's ability to support  your child's social and emotional health.

Building a Partnership with your Child Care Practitioner - The Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs provides a number of fact sheets for parents.  This one is of particular interest for those selecting a care for their child.

Kids Have Stress Too!  Ideas, Tips and Strategies for Parents of Preschoolers - Prepared by the Psychology Foundation of Canada, this resource provides information on understanding stress from a child's perspective and how to manage it.  In particular, it includes a section on reducing child care stress.

Supporting Breastfeeding in Child Care - Prepared by the Canadian Child Care Federation to support breastfeeding while in child care.