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Children will be provided with a morning and afternoon snack as well as typically a hot lunch. Foods are primarily prepared in our home from whole foods. At least two food groups will be served at each snack and at least three food groups at lunch based on Canada’s Food Guide.

I typically enjoy having dips with snack, such as hummus, served with crackers and veggies or fruit. I may also have other homemade snacks such as muffins or oatmeal or granola bars.  

When baking at home, I am conscious of the quantity of added sugar and seek to minimize added sugars and increase natural sugars e.g. applesauce. My goal is to prepare one homemade snack a week mostly using whole wheat flour, nuts, seeds, raisins, etc. When needed, I also offer already prepared granola bars as part of snack. 

For lunches, I typically re-heat foods prepared the day before or earlier in the week. I cook with chicken, beef and pork. Generally, I have one vegetarian meal a week, primarliy with legumes e.g. chickpeas, lentils as a protein sorce.

We are currently considering the feasibility of sourcing local and sustainably farmed meats, vegetables and flours. Even if local sources are obtained, food preparation will always be supplemented partially or wholly with non-organic foods from the local grocery stores.

Cow’s milk and water are available to the children throughout the day. If breastmilk is supplied, this can be provided to your child as well. Juice will not be served.  

Highly Specialized Diets

Parent(s) are expected to supply the food for children requiring highly specialized diets and the daily rate will be reduced by $5/day.


Our home is not nut-free. Nuts may or may not be served during daycare hours depending on the needs of the children in care.

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