Sarah's Family Daycare

Where It All Starts With Nurturing Relationships

Our Home

Starting and Ending the Day

Your child's day will begin and end in our front room.  This room is designed with a bench and lots of space for getting dressed/undressed.  Next to the bench you will find a dresser with a drawer for your child's personal items such as diapers, extra clothes, etc., that you can check daily to ensure your child has everything they need while in my care.   Also, this is a space to facilitate communication via notices on the white board.

The front room also provides you with a space to connect with your child.  There is a sitting area for you to  take a few minutes to cuddle, read a story or breastfeed.

The front room also includes a lending library of resources, including books, DVDs, articles etc. that you may borrow.

During the Day

The main floor of the house is primarily where children will be cared for during the day.  The area is organized with various centres with toys and activities. For example, I often have a "puzzle chair" for the kids.

Nap Time

Nap time is upstairs in the bedrooms.  Children will each have their own play pen with cotton bedding.  The bedrooms have black-out curtains and box fans and/or white noise machines, if needed.

Outdoor Play

We have our own backyard with a climber for the kids, dirt to dig in and an open area to play.  There is also a raised bed vegetable garden at the front of the house that we can interact with daily on our way to and from bus pick-up and/or neighbourhood walks.

The Neighbourhood

We are located on a quiet crescent tucked in near the Bruce Pit Conservation Area.  Within a couple minutes walk from our door we have access to recreation trails in the conservation area.  We can readily walk to a wetland, look at the beaver house and a beaver dam!  Last summer there were also two pileated woodpeckers that we saw on several occassions.  

We also have access to two municipal playgrounds within a ten minute walk from our home.