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Program Planning

The sequence of development of young children is described in Early Learning for Every Child Today: A Framework for Ontario early childhood settings (Elect 2007).   

I will use observation identifying children's interests and stages of development to extend the children's play. And from time to time, may include some theme weeks based on the children's interests and/or other themes e.g. fire safety.

I also hope to have some family engagement to support the program development. To learn more about the research on emergent programming, watch this video the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Daycare programming is frequently inspired by Lifeways North America as well as training provided by the Childcare Providers Resource Network of Ottawa. I also am frequently inspired by waldorf approaches to early childhood.

These are my main principles for caring for children and supporting their learning:

  • When children feel safe and cared for, learning comes naturally
  • Supporting and facilitating children's attachment with their parents is important
  • Open-ended activities and facilitating free play are critical for children's development
  • Supporting children’s social-emotional development are critical for their future
  • Some adult-led activities e.g. circle time, baking, reading stories are also needed to support children learning to cooperate, take turns, early literacy, etc.
  • Nature exploration and outdoor play facilitate children's connection to the natural world

"Play - a naturally occurring, freely chosen and non-literal activity in which children are intrinsically motivated, characterized by imagination, exploration, delight, capriciousness and a sense of wonder, that reflects the unique experience of children, and through which children express their ideas and feelings, and come to understand themselves, others and their world." (Best Start Expert Panel on Learning. Early Learning for Every Child Today)

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