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The whole day is structured to support children sleeping well. Adequate play and activity for children in the morning followed by a consistent routine leading up to nap time.  

I also consider this a time to help bridge the separation from the parents by having sleep cues from home incorporated into the routine. These sleep cues can first be used at home to help ease the transition into my care.

I am open to rocking, walking (i.e. slings and carriers) to help children transition to sleeping on their own while in care.    

Sleep is often a concern before a child begins daycare and I invite you to discuss any concerns you may have or to ask questions well before your child begins child care, so that we may figure out the preferred approach.

"Care begins prior to birth and continues throughout life through feeding, sheltering, nurturing, stimulating and protecting. Care and learning cannot be separated since high qulity care includes learning and high quality learning is dependent on care." (Best Start Expert Panel on Learning. Early Learning for Every Child Today)

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